Meet Laura Katz

Laura Hertzfeld Katz, MA, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 29 years in practice. She specializes in helping individuals and couples navigate dynamics and issues, teen girls and college-age women find their own autonomy, women in business, and psychotherapy and consultation for therapists, physicians, and clergy. Click below to learn more.

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Women in Business

I am passionate about helping women in business negotiate their career advancements while navigating their family lives. Through counseling, I help empower women to feel confident in their choices. I also speak to groups about the importance of realizing your own gifts and valuing those gifts in the workplace and the home.

Let Me Help You

Working together over time, I believe we will discover what is standing in the way of moving forward in your relationships or work so you can get to that next level, communicate what you need authentically, and get that breakthrough.

Marriage & Family Counseling

I enjoy helping couples navigate dynamics and issues that cause anxiety, withdrawal, grief, depression, and conflict.

Career Counseling

I am here to help you negotiate your new role or professional identity while also balancing your personal and family life.

Family of Mentally Ill

I can help you navigate the unique experiences of being an adult sibling or child of someone with mental illness.

Professional Consultation

I offer psychotherapy and consultation for therapists, physicians, and clergy to navigate their professional experiences.

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Your healing journey begins with just a simple phone call. Call today to set up a consultation appointment.